When is my next delivery date?

Your next delivery date can be found on your most recent invoice in the upper right hand corner.

Why have I been charged bottle deposits?

The bottle or bottles were returned broken or unusable. We also charge deposits when bottles aren't returned in a reasonable amount of time. Our empties should be returned each month in exchange for full ones.

Why do I have a service fee on my bill?

Our terms are net thirty days. A service fee will be applied to any bill that is not paid within that time frame.

My cooler is leaking, do I need a new one?

If your cooler has suddenly sprung a leak, it's more than likely the bottle. Take the bottle off the cooler and completely empty out the reservoir. Put a new bottle on. If that doesn't fix the problem, call us to get a replacement as long as you rent the cooler from us or have purchased it from us within the 3-year warranty window.

What do I do if I run out of water before my delivery date?

Customers are always welcome to stop into our store to pickup a few bottles until the next delivery date. If a delivery is needed, call our office to see if we are in your area before your next scheduled date. There is a 5-bottle minimum for all unscheduled deliveries.

I forgot to leave my empties out, can the driver come back?

Since we call every customer the day before delivery, we will not ask our drivers to come back to pick up empties. Customers are welcome to hang on to the empties until the next delivery. If storage is an issue, please drop them off at our store during business hours. Do not leave empty bottles outside of the warehouse for any reason. We will be unable to credit your account if we don't know who left them.